Chaplaincy nothing to do with religion?

Reverend Evonne Paddison, chief executive of ACCESS ministries, makes the odd argument that,

the National School Chaplaincy Program categorically does not provide religious programs in schools.
Then why are we employing chaplains. Religious instruction is what chaplains do.
As highly qualified professionals, chaplains do not deliver "metaphysical balms" or "spiritual snake oil" to their students; they offer sound professional guidance and help, and they are trained to recognise when additional professional services are necessary.
So nothing to do with religion or spirituality then. Just counseling for which trained counselors, social workers, psychologists or psychiatrists would be better suited.
It is a voluntary program that will assist school communities to support the spiritual wellbeing of their students...
Oh, so it does have a spiritual and religious component. Paddison can't even maintain consistency for 700 words.

But this is exactly what the National School Chaplaincy Program is about.

As the Prime Minister makes clear, the program is to provide,
pastoral care and spiritual guidance...
And we're paying $55 million a year for it.


Anonymous said...

and people wonder why we want to speak up.
It would be much better spending the $55 Mil on qualified counselors/psychologists.

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Australian Atheist said...

Thanks mate.

It is an awful waste of money considering the qualified professionals we have.

And the fact there is no such thing as spirituality.