Politician's popularity unaided by his popular faith

Harry Clarke joins Andrew Bolt in bemoaning the anti-Christian menace.

This time it's Catholics, followers of the most popular sect (5 million) of the most popular religion (12.7 million) in Australia, who are being discriminated against:

Sadly, I cannot help thinking that prejudiced views on Tony Abbott's Catholicism have hindered his prospects. We live in a secular society where people like Abbott who seek to live by a decent moral code are regarded suspiciously.
Abbott is not disliked because he lives by "decent moral code". He is unpopular because he tries to enforce, through legislation, an illogical, harmful "moral code" based on belief in a sky fairy.

There is nothing decent about restricting access to emergency contraception. Or fighting embryonic stem cell research, an area of great potential which one day could allow for the development of "replacement nerves and organs to overcome a range of devastating illnesses."

Parliamentary Liberal Party members recognise how secular and socially liberal Australia is. As such, Abbott will never be their leader.


hc said...

I am an atheist too but I respect the fact that we live in a society with many Christians.

I also endorse many Christian values. For example I don't like abortion.

I mainly think Abbott is a 'thinking politician' and a good bloke. He holds strong views but respects the consensus.

But I'll keep a watch on your blog - generally I support your views on sky-fairies.

chicko said...
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Australian Atheist said...

I did pick up from your post that you were at least an agnostic. Good to know you're an atheist.

It is interesting that Bolt is also without religious belief. But that both of you feel Christian are unnecessarily targeted.

I also endorse many Christian values. For example I don't like abortion.

I find this comment interesting. Do you mean that you hold some of the same positions of some Christians.

To me Christian values mean that you must believe in god. Otherwise they are not Christian values. Rather the values come from elsewhere.

By saying opposing abortion is a Christian value aren't you saying that belief in god is necessary to oppose abortion. If not why call it a Christian value.

(I do happen to believe that opposition to abortion (especially in the first trimester) is only defensible if god and souls exists. Which they don't.)

For example I believe in helping the poor. Some Christians would say this is a Christian value. But I hold it for completely secular/humanistic reasons. So I would argue it is not a Christian value.

chicko said...

OMG!!! I Love Ponies!!! LOL

Please don't delete my posts again or I will stop reading your stupid blog. Then you'll be old alone and done for, like the rest of the God hating folk.

Australian Atheist said...

I only deleted your comment because I thought "OMG!!! I Love Ponies!!! LOL" added little to the discussion.

You are more than welcome to comment but try not to be too cryptic.

I don't hate god in the same way I don't hate unicorns. Neither exist.

chicko said...

OMG!!! I Love Ponies!!! LOL

Just don't do it again

Australian Atheist said...

I will continue to delete any comments that don't add to the discussion.

chicko said...
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chicko said...

That's just silly

You've deleted every coherent post that I've written and have kept my complaints about being deleted.

What are you afraid of?

You can be an atheist and intolerant of ideas that make you uncomfortable. But you're antigod advocacy could suffer unless you address views contrary to yours.

Australian Atheist said...

You know very well that both comments I deleted consisted solely of "OMG!!! I Love Ponies!!! LOL".

Your god would not be happy with you lying.

You are more than welcome to put forward your views.

chicko said...

OMG!!! I Love Ponies!!! LOL

chicko rulz


Sam Ward said...

(I do happen to believe that opposition to abortion (especially in the first trimester) is only defensible if god and souls exists. Which they don't."

I don't agree AA. The only question with regards to abortion is "When Does Life Begin". Christians believe it begins at conception and therefore all abortion is murder.

Scientists disagree on when life begins. There is a definitely a scientific case behind the premise "Abortion Is Murder", but the majority opinion is that "life" begins at about 3 months, which is where the abortion deadline is currently set.

Another scientific opinion places "life" as beginning around the 2-week mark (the point where twinning becomes impossible), which make the majority of abortions illegal.

And yet another places "life" at the point where a foetus can survive without a host, or around somewhere in the 3rd trimester.

Australian Atheist said...

You're right in some respects Sam. I was too hasty to dismiss nonreligious arguments concerning abortion.

I disagree that there is a case for “abortion is murder” though. Very few seriously treat it as such. If abortion was murder, those who wish to make the practice illegal would be calling for life in prison (or whatever the usual term for murder is) for women who have their foetus removed.

I do believe that belief in a soul is necessary to oppose emergency contraception and abortion in the first trimester. In these early stages the foetus cannot feel pain or live outside the womb. It is not exhibit the characteristics which would give it precedence over the wishes of its host.

Clogwogger said...

On a related (distantly) issue, I wonder why religions are all so opposed to bestiality. Progressive countries like Denmark allow it as long as there is no cruelty to the animal. Indeed there is significant evidence that many animals actually enjoy the warmth and closeness of such contact with their masters. What is the problem, indeed if people literally (oh my God) actually 'love' ponies??

The Worst of Perth said...

I thought Abbott was hated because he was an arsehole. The dumb christian stuff wasn't helping though.

Australian Atheist said...

worst of perth - Abbott is hated because he is a dick but you shouldn't underestimate the importance of the policies/beliefs he champions either.

People are put off by religious moralising, reducing a woman's right to choose and holding up medical research.

It's not all about personality.

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Jonathan Baker said...

I hope it is not irrelevant to comment purely on the "sky fairy" misnomer. I don't know anyone who does believe in sky fairies. The Christian God, at any rate, is neither a fairy, nor lives in the sky.

I know you don't believe in an omnipresent creator, but at least you should be fair and describe God this way (in the same way you would reasonably call a unicorn a horse with a single horn even though you disbelieve in its existence).